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Pin & Ink House Portrait

Pen & Ink

The Intricate line work captures the home’s architectural features, landscaping and details.

Japanese D Garden - Watercolor


Combining pen & ink with watercolor to  capture the best characteristics of each medium.

Pasadena, CA City Hall

Note Cards

There are a variety of cards that feature floral images, local landmarks and meaningful quotes.

Lynn Van Dam Cooper, Artist

The Artist...

Lynn Van Dam Cooper has been established as a pen and ink and watercolor artist since 1972 and she is among that rare group of talented individuals who have earned their living solely from their art.

Mrs. Van Dam Cooper has received many honors and awards, including one-woman shows and exhibitions with the University of Southern California, Glendora Art Show, the Monrovia and Sierra Madre Arts Festivals, the Los Angeles County Fair “City Art” Exhibit, the Pasadena and Monrovia Historical Museums and most recently, the “Art Matters” Exhibit at the Huntington Library in San Marino.



Lynn Van Dam Cooper Business Card
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